57st. design

contemporary design | chicago made

Simple Forms, Serious Craftsmanship.

Contemporary furniture designed and made in Chicago.  

What We Do.

57st. design is a contemporary-modern furniture brand. We design, manufacture, and retail all of our work in-house-- and all in Chicago.

Our direct-to-consumer business model enables us to make heirloom-quality, contemporary design accessible.

Not only that: because we manufacture all of our work in-house, we’re able to offer customization on nearly every piece in our collection. Say you like one of our desks but need it to be a little narrower to fit a specific space in your house? We can build it for you.



What We Believe.

In our own work, we try to focus on essentials-- strength, beauty, and longevity, among others.

We believe there’s elegance in simple, functional forms.

We like solid, American hardwoods and hand-rubbed finishes-- not just for their own sake, but because they contribute significantly to the longevity of a piece. We believe a desk or a nightstand should last from home to home, or even generation to generation.

Our work draws from a variety of traditions: from Mid-century Modernism to Scandinavian minimalism to American Shaker furniture.

We believe good design necessarily considers the means of production; if design, in its production, relies on exploited labor, or harms the environment unnecessarily, it is not good design.

We believe design can be adventurous and exciting without compromising performance or utility.


Furniture should work around your space-- not the other way around.

With this in mind, we offer customization options on nearly every piece in our collection down to the inch. Want a desk a little deeper or wider? Or a dresser with an extra drawer? We can do it for little additional cost. (Most customizations cost a flat 10% fee.)

The type of customization available depends on the piece: certain designs can be customized in their configuration. Other designs can only be customized in dimension. We can walk you through what’s structurally possible, as well as what’s advisable aesthetically.

If you’re interested in customizing a piece, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can learn more about customization on our Custom page.