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A Few Words On Our Approach...

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When it comes to our own designs, we focus on essentials--strength, beauty, and longevity, among others. This leads us to simple yet detail-oriented design, design that gives serious consideration to the quality of materials and the process of production.

Why We Make in Chicago

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It’s efficient. (And we’re a little sentimental.)

The story of making in Chicago is twofold. It reflects, on the one hand, a love and appreciation for the city and its industrial history. On the other, it reflects our interest in building a smart, efficient, and consumer-focused business.

Modern Luxury Feature!

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We're tremendously excited to have been recently featured in Modern Luxury magazine! Modern Luxury has long been a leading source of news in the design world – we're very proud to have been included in their "New and Noteworthy" section. For those who missed it, check out the article below or click here and scroll to P. 68.

Our Newest Piece - The Harper Shelf

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We're excited to introduce our newest piece: the Harper Shelf. Light and linear, the Harper Shelf is a minimalist bookcase that offers meaningful functionality without being physically imposing. Beveled edges keep the case looking lean, while non-visible levelers float the case just off the floor.