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A Few Words On Our Approach...

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When it comes to our own designs, we focus on essentials--strength, beauty, and longevity, among others. This leads us to simple yet detail-oriented design, design that gives serious consideration to the quality of materials and the process of production. We believe focusing on these essentials leads to necessarily good design.

We want our work to be welcoming and accessible. We like domestic hardwoods, traditional joinery, and hand-rubbed finishes. We believe a desk or nightstand should last from home to home, or even generation to generation. We believe design can be adventurous and exciting without compromising performance or utility.

Our approach prioritizes function without neglecting form. Paradoxically, we believe that function precedes form but that form itself has meaningful function. We do not fetishize materials: we love solid, American hardwoods, for instance, but only insofar as they lead to better design. When they don’t, we’re happy to work with a more suitable material.