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Our collection of contemporary modern dressers. Designs draw from Mid-century Modernism, as well as Scandinavian minimalism, and are crafted in a variety of solid American hardwoods with a Danish oil and wax finish, or a Danish soap finish, where applicable. Any dresser can be made-to-order with custom dimensions or in a custom configuration.

Ada Tallboy Dresser - 5 Drawer

Ada Wideboy Dresser

Forde Dresser in Walnut

Forde Wideboy Dresser - 6 Drawer in Walnut

Ada Tallboy Dresser - 6 Drawer


Forde Dresser

Forde Wideboy Dresser - 6 Drawer

Forde Wideboy Dresser - 8 Drawer
$2,590 - $2,690