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Simone Collection | 57st. design for Sol Cafe

Designed for popular Roger's Park coffeehouse Sol Cafe, the Simone Collection is comprised of a series of minimalist tables, benches and stools crafted from double-thick Baltic birch and assembled with exposed dovetail joinery. The dovetail joints--celebrated by traditional American woodworkers for their strength and durability--are unevenly spaced, creating visual complexity in otherwise minimal structures. The tables, benches and stools each have their own unique dovetail pattern. The Simone Collection's simplicity of form and lightness of presence is notably contrasted by the weight and strength of the pieces themselves. 


Linnea Shelf | 57st. design for Chicago Residence

Designed and customized for a home in Chicago's Noble Square, this version of the Linnea Shelf is constructed in maple and finished with a light white wash. The wall comprises four individual units, each structured around the windows, with the left-most also accommodating a step. The lightness of the Linnea Shelf well matches the bright openness of this space, while the variably spaced shelves add visual interest.