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Shown: Bench in Walnut with natural oil + wax Finish


Simone Bench

18" high x 44 ¼" wide x 9" deep


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The Simone Bench is part of the Simone Collection. Designed first for Chicago’s Sol Cafe and then amended for wider release, the Simone Collection is a set of minimal, complementary tables and benches. It is made entirely from solid walnut and held together with dovetail joinery. The pieces in the Simone Collection juxtapose disparate design eras and traditions. The dovetails are a longtime favorite of traditional woodworkers and are as beautiful as they are strong; spaced in irregular intervals, they offer visual complexity to an otherwise understated form. On the other hand, the hand-rubbed, natural oil and wax finish recalls Scandinavian modernism. Also available in cherry and at custom dimensions. Made in Chicago.

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

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Simone Bench 18” high x 44 ¼" wide x 9" deep $290.00

Simone Bench
18” high x 44 ¼" wide x 9" deep

Additional Product Details

  • Customization Options
    • The Simone Bench is available in custom dimensions. Most customizations add 10% to the listed price. Visit our Custom page to learn more, or contact us at info@57stdesign.com to request pricing or a digital rendering of the design.
  • Made to order in 3-4 weeks.
  • Includes free shipping.
  • Materials:
    • Cherry | Solid, American cherry with natural oil and wax finish.
    • Walnut | Solid, American walnut with natural oil and wax finish.
    • White Oak | Solid, American walnut with natural oil and wax finish.
  • For instructions on how to care for the Simone Bench, please visit our Care + Maintenance page.
  • No assembly required. The Simone Bench comes fully finished and assembled.
  • For what to expect during delivery, please visit our Shipping + Returns page. 

About the Designer

The Simone Collection is designed in-house at 57st. design. 57st. design manufactures and designs its own pieces, as well as manufactures the work of other designers. Our work tends towards considered simplicity: pieces that are strong, durable, meticulously proportioned, and visually understated.