Building Our Collection of Circulated Furniture

  • by Sam Devenport

One day, through Design Circulation, we’ll have thousands of circulated pieces in stock and ready to ship. Whether dresser, nightstand, or dining table, each circulated piece will have years of shared history spread across multiple homes in different cities. Each piece will come back to our Chicago workshop to be masterfully restored before being sent out to its next loving home.

Our goal? To circulate our collection of furniture in the same way a library circulates its collection of books. To get there? First and foremost, we need to grow our inventory of circulated furniture.

A library with only a few dozen books isn’t much of a library. We feel the same way about our circulated furniture collection. At any given moment, we need to have dozens (if not hundreds) of each design ready to circulate. Currently, with Design Circulation only a few months old, we’re far shy of that goal.

We’re sharing this information in the hope that you’ll choose to buy circulated instead of standard, and then one day trade back that circulated piece for store credit. In doing that, you’ll be helping us build up our inventory of circulated furniture.

We’ve tried our best to make it worth your while. A circulated piece is less expensive than its standard counterpart (sometimes, hundreds of dollars less), and you have the option of giving it back to us for significant store credit. Furthermore, for many of our designs, we often don’t have a circulated unit in stock, which means we’re building a completely new piece for you from scratch at the lower circulated price. (Interested in finding out if we have a circulated unit in stock? Reach out to us at

We believe Design Circulation offers a truly sustainable alternative to buying furniture. It’s a thoughtful way to consume without giving anything up. But it can’t happen without you. Interested in a 57st. design piece? Consider buying the circulated option. Every circulated piece we put out into the world moves us closer to a fully circular, truly sustainable way of living with and enjoying furniture.

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