Customize any piece in our collection. Change the dimensions on a dining table or the drawer configuration on a sideboard. You can even request a custom finish to match existing woodwork in your home.

01 Talk to Us

You can start by reaching out to us. One of our designers will talk through the design with you and make comments + suggestions.

02 Quote + Drawing

Once we understand the project, we'll send you a quote, and—if necessary—an annotated drawing of your custom piece at scale.

03 Production

Place your order and our workshop will begin building your custom piece!

Don't see what you're looking for?
Send us an email letting us know what you have in mind and a designer will get back to you with comments on design, feasibility, and estimated cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do custom colors or finishes?


Will you match a finish?
Yes! Just send us a sample and we'll make up a matching sample to send back to you for approval. All approved samples must be returned to our workshop.

Can I use my own hardware?
Absolutely. Mail your hardware to our workshop and we'll install it for you prior to shipping.

Can I customize any one of your pieces?
Yes. Our designers will guide you through customizing our pieces, and will provide advice on how best to maintain structural integrity while achieving your goals.

Can I make any customizations I want?
Almost. There are occasional limitations, but we can help think up an alternative.

Is a customized piece more expensive?
A little bit, yes. That said, our custom work is less expensive than you can find elsewhere, and often less expensive than the standard options available from other designer furniture brands.

How long does it take?
Most custom work has a lead time of 9-11 weeks.

Where is my custom piece made?
In our Chicago workshop.

Get in touch with a Designer

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