Design Circulation

We buy back our furniture, regardless of wear.

Purchase a circulated piece for less than the standard price. We’ll buy it back from you at any point in the future, regardless of wear, in exchange for store credit.

We’ll pick it up for free, restore it to its original condition and circulate it to the next generation of owners.

01 Free Pickup

If you no longer have need of a circulated piece, we'll schedule schedule a free pickup to collect it from you.

02 Store Credit

Once we receive your piece, you'll get store credit that never expires.

03 Restoration

The piece is then restored and refinished to original condition.

04 Resell

The newly restored piece is sold, and circulated to the next home.  

New Craft Tradition

For over thirty years, we’ve been producing heirloom-quality furniture from our workshop in Chicago. Our work is solid hardwood and hand-finished, which enables us to restore it to its original condition. Every circulated piece is sanded, repaired and refinished to ensure it is indistinguishable from when it first left our shop.

We build furniture to last. We circulate it to ensure it actually does. Read more about our history here.

Accessible Heirloom

We believe your furniture should fit your changing tastes and needs. Design Circulation delivers a system of flexible ownership to make this simple. Return your furniture to us at any time for store credit, which is transferable and never expires. You can keep your credit until you want another piece—or transfer it to a loved one. Shop the collection.

A System of Furniture

Design Circulation intends to create a system in which furniture is never discarded nor destroyed, but rather circulated from home to home. We believe that beautiful, well-made objects inspire longevity, and are integral to sustainable design. Design Circulation eases our dependency on natural resources through reuse, while increasing accessibility to beautiful, well-crafted furniture.